Department of Air Force Chief Architect Preston Dunlap Delivers Keynote Address at Potomac Officers Club’s JADC2 Forum

Potomac Officers Club (POC) hosted its Building the Future Battle: The Keys to JADC2 on Tuesday to shed a light on the current demands and challenges facing the top federal leaders as they work to develop the fundamental principles and solutions needed for JADC2 implementation, including the tactical edge, a common data fabric, and the decision advantage.

Following a brief introduction from Kate Mercer, a vice president of Booz Allen Hamilton, who acted as the event’s moderator, Chief Architect for the Air Force and Space Force Preston Dunlap took the stage to deliver the opening keynote address.

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Dunlap thanked Mercer for the introduction and began his remarks with a simple question, “Will we be ready? And what can we do to increase the likelihood of the answer to that question being a yes?” He emphasized that while we look at the current set of emerging technologies and the influence each one is having on the federal landscape, the future has, in fact, already arrived.

As Dunlap continued his remarks, he explained that these challenges are present now, not someday in the future and that should drive a real sense of urgency, determination and creativity instead of innovation being in the vague and uncertain future. “We are in a technological environment that could be capable of enacting real and meaningful change,” said Dunlap.

“In fact, that future challenges are very present. As we watch it play out in global landscape, we should have a sense of urgency to move at the time, speed and complexity. It should drive us to be able to sense that the future battle is happening today, right now,” Preston Dunlap explained.

“It should also just encourage us to want to make and drive towards meaningful change as quickly as possible. You could imagine that if these challenges are at our doorstep here, then just try to imagine that we might face something even more complex and more uncertain in the future. We can see that as an opportunity to be driven towards the necessary changes we need to make.”

As Potomac Officers Club’s Building the Future Battle: The Keys to JADC2 event continued, Dunlap elaborated on the latest news and developments as the first phase of JADC2 delivery rolls out and the powers that be address the speed and timing challenges of technology development for our military branches and systems.

He also expressed his excitement for the panel discussion featuring George Ka’iliwai III and Col. Matt “Nomad” Strohmeyer that followed his keynote address on Tuesday.

Visit the Potomac Officers Club’s Event Page to hear the full keynote address from Preston Dunlap and the full panel discussion between Col. Nomad Strohmeyer and George Ka’iliwai.

On Tuesday, Sept. 14th, Potomac Officers Club will host its Bolstering Climate Resilience for National Security Forum featuring Senior Climate Advisor for the Office of the Secretary of Defense Joseph Bryan as the opening keynote speaker.

Ecological Futures Group Founder and CEO Dr. Rod Schoonover will join Bryan as the closing keynote speaker as both execs discuss the challenges that climate change presents to U.S. supply chains, military readiness and our federal infrastructure as a whole.

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Thank you for your continued support of the Potomac Officers Club and we hope to see you at the Bolstering Climate Resilience for National Security Forum on Sept. 14th.

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