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GovCon Expert Jim McAleese Details Components of HASC-Passed FY 2022 NDAA

Consulting firm McAleese & Associates has issued a report outlining the components of a potential $740 billion annual defense policy bill approved by the House Armed Services Committee.

Jim McAleese, founder of McAleese & Associates and a three-time Wash100 winner, reported that the full House panel voted 57-2 Thursday, Sept. 2, to pass the fiscal year 2022 National Defense Authorization Act, which he said includes funding increases for Air Force and Navy aircraft programs, Navy ships and Army W&TCV ground combat vehicles, among others.

The measure proposes $136.3 billion for DOD’s procurement efforts, $249.2 billion for operations and maintenance, $166.8 billion for military personnel, $112.8 billion for RDT&E, $9 billion for military construction, $1.5 billion for family housing and $6.5 billion for general transfer authority.

McAleese noted that the NDAA includes $11.4 billion for the U.S. Space Force’s RDT&E account and that majority of the service’s program are fully funded, including NAVSTAR GPS, EO/IR Weather Systems, Space Situation Awareness Systems, Evolved Strategic Satcom, Protected Tactical Service, GPS III Follow-on, Next-Generation OPIR and GPS-OCX programs.

According to the report, HASC adopted in a 42-17 vote an amendment that would increase the Pentagon’s authorized FY 2022 funding by approximately 5 percent. Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Ala., the House panel’s ranking member, introduced the amendment that reflects an increase of $36 billion from the FY 2021 enacted level of $704 billion.

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