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DOE CIO Ann Dunkin Delivers Keynote During GovCon Wire Events’ IT Modernization and Transformation Forum

GovCon Wire Events hosted its IT Modernization and Transformation Forum on Wednesday to bring together a handful of the most significant members of the federal landscape as well as those who want to learn more about the current set of challenges surrounding our cybersecurity systems, data modernization goals and IT transformation strategies.

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As the virtual audience joined the platform to hear from the Forum’s moderator Nathan Jones, who serves as the federal vice president of Red Hat’s North American Public Sector, he introduced Ann Dunkin, chief information officer of the Department of Energy (DOE), as the keynote speaker to discuss her goals, strategies and priorities for the DOE.

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As she began her keynote address for the virtual audience, Dunkin mentioned that this was the first time that she’d be given an open forum to discuss the most important initiatives and goals for DOE. As a result, Dunkin started her remarks with a breakdown of her role with the department and the mission that she’s driving to complete every day.

To begin, she emphasized that her goals are to advance strategy for IT modernization and to set IT trends as well as securing DOE’s networks, and balancing the department’s mission needs. She explained that DOE has complex missions, which include all areas from supercomputing to open science, nuclear non-proliferation, and more.

In addition, Dunkin mentioned her responsibilities for implementing policy. Her responsibilities with her colleagues are to set the standards and context of policy with the DHS, OMB and other federal agencies to ensure they follow the policies in place.

“We want to advance, as always, the use of technology. One of the things we do in the Office of CIO is to catalog and share DOE-developed technology internally,” Dunkin explained. “We want to aggregate the latest technology so it can be used within DOE. We’ll be able to communicate it throughout the department as well as the federal government.”

Recently, Dunkin gave the example that DOE has been cataloging 5G capabilities, artificial intelligence and collaborating with other agencies on cyber defense. Dunkin also mentioned that she was responsible for collaborating with government-industry partners who work to advance the department’s objectives and support their peer organizations, which she emphasized is really, really important.

During the rest of her keynote address, Dunkin provided an overview of the work DOE continues to do as innovative digital technologies become more important by the day and warns that federal agencies must evolve their technological capabilities to become more agile and reliable.

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Jonathan Alboum of ServiceNow

Luis Coronado of the Department of Homeland Security

Deborah Stephens of the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office

Robert Vojtik of the Transportation Security Administration

Valerie Noble of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

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