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DHS Officials to Discuss AI’s Role in Homeland Security Mission at GovCon Wire Forum

Department of Homeland Security officials John Cohen and Melissa Smislova will deliver keynote addresses to GovCon Wire’s virtual forum on Oct. 7 to discuss the role of artificial intelligence in the DHS mission.

Cohen serves as acting undersecretary of intelligence and analysis at DHS, where he brings more than three decades of law enforcement and national security experience to the position. He leads an office responsible for sharing information with partners in the public and private sectors to keep communities safe.

Smislova is the deputy undersecretary for intelligence enterprise readiness within the DHS I&A office. The 35-year veteran intelligence officer oversees various department functions such as intelligence policy, data analytics and information technology management.

In late July, the department’s science and technology directorate released a strategic plan to address the opportunities and risks AI poses to the homeland security enterprise. DHS S&T noted that it will invest in research and development projects to improve the trustworthiness of the emerging technology as well as further explore its human-machine teaming and infrastructure security applications.

The directorate also seeks to match mature platforms to mission requirements and help personnel gain AI and machine learning competence through workforce training programs.

Join the “AI: Innovation in Homeland Security” forum to gain insights and perspectives into how federal agencies is pursuing the technology to counter domestic and foreign threats. Visit the GovCon Wire Events page to register for the forum.

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