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Kevin Brancato, Mick Fox of Technomile Deliver Keynote Address During GovCon Wire Events’ Capture Management Webinar on Aug. 4th

GovCon Wire Events hosted its latest event on Wednesday to share the key trends impacting the government contractors in our sector and how to mature the capture process to grow a qualified pipeline and improve win rate during A Blueprint for a Modern, Data-Driven Approach to Capture Management Webinar.

With Technomile’s Chief Operating Officer Mick Fox and Kevin Brancato, senior vice president of Product Strategy serving as keynote speakers for the latest webinar, the two executives provided significant insight into the effective digital transformation strategies being used by leading government contractors and how the latest trends are transforming the capture process.

If you missed the A Blueprint for a Modern, Data-Driven Approach to Capture Management Webinar, you can still access the OnDemand footage by visiting GovCon Wire Events’ Archive.

Following a brief introduction to the webinar, Mick Fox and Kevin Brancato took the platform and expressed their enthusiasm for getting to deliver the keynote address together and speak on the realities of improving the capture process for government contractors.

As the Technomile executives shared the keynote address and traded their invaluable insights back and forth for the webinar, Mick Fox began the conversation by detailing that he’s spent the majority of his career on the GovCon side while Brancato has been on the analytical side. The emphasis being that both sides of the coin would be discussed during Wednesday’s webinar.

Kevin Brancato, senior vice president of Product Strategy for Technomile

The conversation opened with Brancato’s first remarks regarding the first-hand experiences that he has seen in the capture management process today, which he tied to the misuse of public data and the money being left on the table because government contractors haven’t been properly using the external data or private internal data within their companies to drive greater success.

Brancato reiterated that the capture process used to be very expensive and it required large teams to scour all the data available to assist the process, but that was generally done for much bigger contract wins that made all that manpower necessary.

In the modern-day, the capture teams are now spending much more time on opportunities and are using much better tools than before. Standardized digital processes are being established and the information is being spread among the team instead of being in the hands of one decision-maker, but there are still a ton of questions from government contractors about how to use today’s data.

Brancato explained that there is technology out there that can mine public data as well as internal data for these companies, but they’re looking and asking us, “What can we do to automate a lot of these processes? What can we do to get intelligence out of the contracts that we’ve won and the ones we’ve lost? What can we do?”

Mick Fox, chief operating officer for Technomile

“What we want to see moving forward is for these processes to become extensions of what we have now where all opportunities go through an automated process,” said Brancato. “After that is established, you’ll see a major change in the nature of capture that will create smaller teams that are able to make a greater impact with more exceptional people.”

Mick Fox agreed with Brancato’s analysis and emphasized that concept is what has started to separate the companies in the federal landscape and GovCon sector. The concept is something that Fox is calling the “democratization of capture and capture data.”

He referenced his time with Lockheed Martin and how the larger teams process worked for the bigger contract awards, but the blueprint and best practices for the companies with the highest win rates still need to figure out how to democratize the data available.

Visit GovCon Wire Events’ Archive to hear the full keynote address from Kevin Brancato and Mick Fox and learn more about the key criteria to consider when evaluating capture management and CRM technologies and a breakdown of the “blueprint” to improve the capture process and management of today’s growth opportunities and the best practices to improve your win rate.

GovCon Wire Events will host its IT Modernization and Transformation Forum on Sept. 1st to provide a platform for federal and industry officials to meet and discuss the latest innovative digital technologies including cybersecurity systems, data modernization goals and IT strategies.

Ann Dunkin, chief information officer of the Department of Energy (DOE), will be featured as the Forum’s keynote speaker to discuss her own  IT modernization strategy, goals, plans and priorities for the department as well as provide insight into the latest digital transformation efforts and how commercial industry can help.

To register for the IT Modernization and Transformation Forum and view other upcoming events, visit GovCon Wire Events.

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