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Galois Creates Standalone Organization to Develop Microelectronic Systems; Robert Wiltbank Quoted

Software research and development company Galois has formed an independent company that will aim to produce integrated chip technologies.

Galois said Friday its technology projects on field-programmable gate arrays, cyber-physical systems and application-specific integrated circuits serve as the foundation of work at the new entity named Niobium Microsystems.

The spinoff company consists of personnel experienced in system-on-chip designs that align with complex requirements for security, size, weight and power.

Niobium has the Galois Ultra-Low-Power High-Assurance Asynchronous Cryptography or GULPHAAC project as a basis for silicon design efforts. GULPHAAC’s assigned team used Galois’ Cryptol domain-specific language to specify the project’s cryptography.

“Launching Niobium as a stand-alone organization enables the team to significantly accelerate the speed and consistency of their work, specific to the domain and needs of each customer’s particular SWaP, security and application requirements,” said Robert Wiltbank, CEO at Galois.

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