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Executive Spotlight With CALIBRE Systems CTO Charles Onstott Tackles His Role Transition, Innovation Challenges & Emerging Tech Improvements

Charles Onstott, chief technology officer for CALIBRE Systems, was featured in the most recent Executive Spotlight interview with ExecutiveBiz on Wednesday. He talked about his transition as CTO, the unique challenges on the business side of innovation and the ethical changes still to come as well as the major improvements of emerging technology in the federal landscape.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview with Onstott discussing what he hopes to accomplish for the rest of 2021 and beyond:

“I’ll be working with the rest of the corporate leadership team to find our strongest capabilities, determine how best to leverage them, and apply them to a broader customer base. That way, we can start to grow the company beyond the core set of customers we have now, not to mention grow the business within the customer base that we currently have.”

Visit ExecutiveBiz to read the full Executive Spotlight with Charles Onstott, CALIBRE Systems’ CTO, and don’t miss our other interviews with the most significant executives of consequence to the federal and government contracting (GovCon) sectors.

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