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Dell Technologies’ Cameron Chehreh: Creating Digital Workplace, Innovating With Data Could Help Agencies Achieve Digital Resiliency

Cameron Chehreh, chief technology officer and vice president of engineering at Dell Technologies‘ (NYSE: DELL) federal systems business, said government agencies seeking to achieve digital resiliency should establish a digital workplace that enables employees to work and meet agencies’ mission from anywhere.

“User experience and productivity must remain top of mind as employees expect faster, more secure, easier-to-use devices, collaboration, and access to the tools they need to get their jobs done,” Chehreh wrote in a guest piece published Wednesday on Nextgov.

He called on agencies to adopt the hybrid cloud flexibility model and train their workforce through reskilling programs to innovate with data and glean insights from large data volumes.

“Reskilling programs will ensure a constant flow of trained and readily available talent to meet the needs of any agency’s mission goals,” he added.

Chehreh noted that “cyber resiliency with intrinsic security” will enable agencies to expedite innovation across the workforce. He also discussed how zero trust could provide agencies an additional security layer for employees who are working remotely or in physical offices.

“To successfully fend off increasingly sophisticated attacks, agencies need security that’s built in, not bolted on. As data becomes more dispersed, the potential attack surface of government organizations also increases,” he said.

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