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Commerce Department Announces Planned IT Services Acquisition, Upcoming Industry Days

The Department of Commerce has posted a draft solicitation for its information technology services requirement and invited potential vendors and minority-owned small businesses to participate in two separate industry days meant to further inform them about the planned acquisition.

The event for future primes will be hosted virtually on Thursday while the one for potential subcontractors will be on Aug. 16, according to a Commerce special notice posted Friday on SAM.gov.

Under the upcoming Commerce Acquisition for Transformational Technology Services solicitation, the department’s Office of the Chief Information Officer will seek contractors capable of supporting operation and management of its current IT infrastructure and providing engineering and design expertise.

The focus is on using emerging and evolving technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and edge computing and on supporting, maintaining and applying traditional IT services.

The department efforts are aimed at eliminating outdated legacy applications and infrastructures, enhancing project management of IT investments and maintaining or improving IT security  posture, standards and controls.

Questions and comments on the draft solicitation are due by Aug. 16.

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