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Sheldon D’Paiva, Erik Pounds: VMware, NVIDIA Seek to Democratize Access to AI With New Platform

Sheldon D’Paiva of VMware (NYSE: VMW) and Erik Pounds of NVIDIA (Nasdaq: NVDA) said their companies have partnered to come up with a platform meant to “democratize” access of agencies and other organizations to artificial intelligence by enabling them to layer the technology into their existing information technology environments.

They said the AI-ready Enterprise platform provides data scientists and developers at agencies with accelerated computing capability and allows them to manage and operate cloud-native applications while enabling them to comply with security and governance requirements.

Erik Pounds, Director of Product Marketing, NVIDIA

The “AI-ready Enterprise platform was built to support cloud-native applications,” D’Paiva and Pounds wrote.

“As a result, agencies will be able to run and manage those applications whether they are deployed in an on-premises data center or a public cloud.”

They discussed how AI could help agencies improve customer experience, cybersecurity, public health and disaster response and advance other digital transformation efforts.

“When agencies harness AI’s ability to quickly analyze data and perform rote tasks, they save time and money and free employees to focus on higher-value activities, which boosts job satisfaction and results in a better citizen experience,” they wrote.

D’Paiva and Pounds noted that AI is designed to process large data volumes. They also cited the transformative impact of AI on government activities, such as predictive maintenance and remote work.

D’Paiva is director of product marketing at VMware. Pounds also leads product marketing at NVIDIA.

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