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GovCon Wire-Hosted Panel to Address AI Technology Transition

An expert panel is set to discuss the transition of artificial intelligence technologies from the research and development phase into real-world operational settings at a GovCon Wire virtual event scheduled for Thursday.

How can emerging technology take part in national security strategies and goals? This is what GovCon Wire’s next forum, themed “AI: Innovation in National Security,” will seek to address.

The National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence, in its final report published in March, cited how Thomas Edison encapsulated the future of AI in his evaluation of electricity: “It is a field of fields … it holds the secrets which will reorganize the life of the world.”

The commission came up with two convictions in the report: The impact of AI technologies in problem-solving is changing the way of the world and it is also widening the vulnerability of the U.S. It poses cyber threats from adversaries that continue to infiltrate the nation’s system and can potentially result in interfering with democracy. 

Join the forum at 8 a.m. Eastern time on Thursday to hear from federal and industry experts as they tackle how federal and commercial stakeholders can lead in innovating advanced AI technologies to protect national security and transition these tools from research and development to operationalization. Register here.

Speaker Lineup:

  • Katrina McFarland, commissioner, National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence (Keynote Speaker)
  • Peder Jungck, intelligence solutions vice president and general manager, BAE Systems (Keynote Introducer)
  • Stephen Homeyer, intelligence strategy vice president, BAE Systems (Moderator)
  • Jill Crisman, artificial intelligence principal director, Department of Defense (Panelist)
  • Jane Pinelis, test and evaluation assessment chief, Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (Panelist)
  • Dean Souleles, former chief technology adviser to the principal deputy director, Office of the Director of National Intelligence (Panelist)


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