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Trusted Workforce 2.0 Initiative Aims to Modernize Government Background Check, Security Clearance System

The Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency is working with other agencies to replace the periodic reinvestigation of federal employee and contractor security clearance holders with a continuous vetting process as part of the Trusted Workforce 2.0 framework.

DCSA — which took over the responsibility for the management and operation of the National Background Investigations Service platform from the Defense Information Systems Agency in October 2020 — aims to integrate all clearances into an updated NBIS information technology system by the end of 2023.

William Lietzau, director of DCSA, said at the House Oversight and Reform Committee’s May 26 virtual roundtable event that NBIS is intended to provide agencies a singular system to rapidly check personnel vetting data.

Federal agencies have enrolled 675,000 of the approximately one million National Industrial Security Program contractors in the continuous vetting program, according to an April report by Federal News Network.

The agency expects all cleared personnel who work and provide support for the Department of Defense to become part of the new process by the end of the year.

Join the Potomac Officers Club’s Trusted Workforce Forum on Wednesday, June 30, to hear from federal and industry representatives as they share insight on background check system modernization efforts in the government.

DCSA Director William Lietzau will deliver a keynote address at the virtual event. He will be introduced by Julie Coonce, senior director of special programs at TransUnion.

The forum includes a panel discussion, themed “Trusted Workforce Public-Private Partnership in the era of AI and ML: Considerations for future challenges.” Jeffrey Huth, vice president of the public sector business at TransUnion, will lead the expert panel.

Visit the Potomac Officers Club Events page to view the speaker lineup and register for this forum.

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