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ABL Gets DOD Responsive Launch II Mission Support Contract; Dan Piemont Quoted

ABL Space Systems has secured a Department of Defense contract to support the Defense Innovation Unit’s Responsive Launch II mission.

Responsive Launch II seeks to send military payloads to their “mission-designated orbits” while reducing the risk of delays, ABL said Monday.

ABL will use its RS1 launch vehicle and GS0 deployable ground systems to support the mission, which marks the company’s fourth contract with DOD.

“We have designed our systems to provide responsive capabilities since day one, and this effort exemplifies how rapidly developed commercial capabilities can be leveraged to meet emerging DoD needs. Our systems will provide access to space when and where needed, without making any compromises on performance or cost,” said ABL President Dan Piemont.

Established in 2017, ABL is based in El Segundo, California, and is focused on building low-cost launch systems and vehicles for small satellites.

In July 2020, DIU issued a solicitation for commercial launch services to send lightweight payloads to low-Earth orbit as part of the Responsive Launch II effort.

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