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GovCon Expert Mark Amtower: 2.028M Feds on LinkedIn & Why This is Important to GovCon Execs

In his latest article as a member of Executive Mosaic’s GovCon Expert program, Mark Amtower, a 36-year veteran of the federal and government contracting (GovCon) sector, has addressed the importance of LinkedIn networking and its impact on how GovCon executives navigate the federal landscape.

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2.028M Feds on LinkedIn & Why This is Important to GovCon Execs

By GovCon Expert Mark Amtower 

In mid-January 2021, I completed my annual census of Federal employees (civilian, DOD, military and IC) who are on LinkedIn. You can check out my results by clicking here.

This year, I was able to identify 305 distinct federal entities listed as “companies” across the LinkedIn platform. I am certain I have missed a few operating units, and they will be included next year.

DOD/military accounts for 1,121,085 and civilian agencies account for 908,869.

As you might expect, usage of LinkedIn has risen during the pandemic. According to Statistica, 22 percent of U.S. LinkedIn members use LinkedIn daily, 63 percent weekly, and 87 percent monthly.

Hootsuite and other sources indicate almost 90 percent of B2B marketers use LinkedIn as their primary way to share content. Market Connections studies also indicate similar stats.

While many in GovCon mainly leverage LinkedIn in their recruiting efforts, it is also a great venue for branding, highlighting areas of subject matter expertise, building out account/agency-based marketing efforts, business development, developing leads  and more.

Some, like Deloitte Chairman and CEO Dan Helfrich, go further and regularly post articles and videos on the platform. With Deloitte employees and other business partners sharing his content, he can extend his reach to thousands of people per article.

Executives like Mr. Helfrich understand that LinkedIn is an integral part of the GovCon ecosystem and he uses that to Deloitte’s advantage.

The importance of and visibility and exposure across LinkedIn cannot be undervalued, especially in the federal sector. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions on the census of leveraging LinkedIn and how to use the platform to its full potential.

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