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VMware’s Mikey McCormack, Aaron Swain: Agencies Should Deliver Software at the Speed of Silicon Valley

Mikey McCormack and Aaron Swain of VMware (NYSE: VMW) said government agencies looking to address current mission requirements should develop and field accredited software to users as quickly, securely and frequently as Silicon Valley companies.

Mikey McCormack, director of strategic programs at VMware

“Long cycle times expose vulnerability to adversaries who use modern software tools and practices to deliver software more frequently, gain competitive advantage and disrupt your mission,” McCormack and Swain wrote.

They noted that VMware Pivotal Labs works with Department of Defense components to help them develop modern software factories and deliver software to users at the speed of Silicon Valley.

The consulting practice uses four questions about software delivery in alignment with the Defense Innovation Board’s recommendations: availability of software in operational environment; user adoption; how the software capability advances the agency’s mission; and cycle time.

Aaron Swain, director of strategic programs at VMware

Agencies should streamline software delivery while continuously reducing risks and Swain and McCormack discussed how the Tanzu Kubernetes platform could help organizations achieve that.

McCormack and Swain are directors of strategic programs on VMware’s modern applications and platform federal leadership team.

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