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Air Force Releases RFP for F-15EX Engine Procurement

The U.S. Air Force has issued a solicitation for the purchase of a complete propulsion system for its fleet of F-15EX fighter jets.

A notice posted Friday says the service plans to launch a full-and-open competition to buy up to 461 engines and related components in lots 2 through 9 for the F-15EX aircraft.

The Air Force expects lots 2 and 3 to cover 24 engines each and lot 4 to include 28 propulsion systems. Lots 5 and 6 will include 38 engines, while lots 7 and 8 will cover 48 engines each. The service expects delivery of 24 jet engines in lot 9.

According to the statement of work, the scope of the contract includes manufacturing, verification, certification, test, integration and delivery of propulsion systems for F-15EX jets. The selected contractor will also provide spare engines, technical support and data, training materials, systems engineering, data management, program management, configuration management and other support tasks.

The delivery schedule for the engines will run from October 2023 through June 2031.

Responses to the request for proposals are due April 7.

The service awarded a sole-source contract to General Electric (NYSE: GE) to supply lot 1 propulsion systems for F-15EX planes last year.

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