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DHS Unveils Strategic Approach to Safeguard Critical Infrastructure, Supply Chain From Chinese Threats

The Department of Homeland Security has created a strategy outlining its measures to address threats Chinese activity poses to the U.S.’ immigration, critical infrastructure and cybersecurity, trade and maritime defense operations.

DHS said Wednesday its Strategic Action Plan applies input from the department’s China Working Group and the department intends to continue its partnership with key stakeholders to confront national security challenges.

The department noted in the strategy that it will work to execute final orders of removal for selected Chinese nationals, increase immigration vetting procedures and implement efforts to stop exploitation in the U.S. supply chain to include 5G, semiconductors and emerging technology.

According to the document, China has posed threats to the U.S. economy through intellectual property theft, low commodity prices, privacy breaches and counterfeiting. China has also illicitly acquired proprietary immigration data and ramped up threats to U.S. infrastructure in the lead-up to the 2020 elections, the report states.

The strategic plan additionally brought up dangers in China’s global data collection activities through telecommunication platforms and unmanned aerial systems.

Other issues detailed in the report include the reliance of domestic production on China-controlled electronics, medical supplies, technology and mineral components.

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