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Accenture’s Federal Arm Gets IARPA Imagery Analysis Research Contract; Bryan Rich Quoted

A subsidiary of Accenture (NYSE: ACN) will use artificial intelligence and machine learning to accelerate analysis of geospatial imagery under a potential four-year contract with the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity.

The company said Thursday Accenture Federal Services will work with Element84, I2R, Boston University, Cornell University, MIT, North Carolina State University, South Dakota State University, University of Tennessee and the University of California in Riverside to study changes in the earth’s surface caused by climate change, urban growth and other factors through IARPA’s Space-based Machine Automated Recognition Technique program.

AFS will use remote sensing, geospatial intelligence, computer vision, cloud and other emerging technologies to support research work on the contract.

“We are excited to support IARPA with critical applied scientists and engineers to drive advancement in their geospatial intelligence and remote sensing research,” said Bryan Rich, managing director of the applied intelligence practice at AFS.

Accenture Federal Services was one of the four contract recipients IARPA announced early this year to support the SMART program, a research effort that seeks to automate search and analysis of multisource satellite imagery.

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