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IARPA Seeks Whole-Body Biometric Identification Tech Proposals

The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity is seeking ideas and concepts to develop algorithm-based systems for whole-body biometric identification from an elevated or an aerial sensor platform.

A broad agency announcement posted Thursday says the goal of IARPA's Biometric Recognition and Identification at Altitude and Range program is to create a WB biometric system designed to verify, recognize and identify persons from surveillance camera-equipped watchtowers or unmanned aerial vehicles at a distance of up to 1K meters.

IARPA intends for the system to recognize assets through motion blur and support government missions such as infrastructure and force protection, counterterrorism and border security.

According to the solicitation document, the BRIAR effort will encompass data collection and algorithm development work across three phases.

Interested parties must have the capacity to develop multimodal biometric algorithms for the verification and identification of individuals in difficult view conditions through the use of visible-band video imaging techniques. 

The agency will accept proposals through Feb. 10.

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