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DOJ ALS Contract Award

Five Companies Hold Spots on $1.5B DOJ Automated Litigation Support Contract

Five companies will compete for automated litigation support orders under a follow-on Department of Justice contract vehicle worth potentially $1.5B over six and a half years.

DOJ selected CACI International (NYSE: CACI), Deloitte, Leidos (NYSE: LDOS) and PAE (Nasdaq: PAE) as initial awardees on the Mega 5 ALS contract in late August and the latest SAM notice published Thursday says the department added professional services firm EY to the program.

Litigation support is categorized into nine areas: document acquisition; database creation; database utilization; electronic data acquisition and production; pre-trial and trial support; resource planning, implementation and administration; specialized professional services; contract and project management; and legal support.

Contractors will also provide administrative, professional, logistics, technical labor, technologies, materials, supplies and facilities needed throughout the litigation process.

The contract has a six-month base period that runs through May 31, 2021, followed by six option periods, according to final solicitation documents.

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