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Gigamon’s Dennis Reilly: Pervasive Visibility Into All Data Could Help Agencies Implement Zero Trust

Dennis Reilly, vice president of federal at Gigamon, said agencies should have pervasive visibility into encrypted data and data in transit across cloud, on-premises data centers and virtual environments to better protect their information technology infrastructure from cyber adversaries.

“That visibility enhances the security tools agencies are already using to defend their networks and improves the way they detect, investigate and respond to cybersecurity threats,” he wrote.

Reilly discussed how pervasive visibility into all data is critical to agencies’ implementation of a zero-trust architecture and how a next-generation network packet broker could provide such visibility to agencies.

He said a next-gen network packet broker works by decrypting traffic and enabling the agency’s cyber tools to inspect the traffic, an approach that could free up such tools of the decryption responsibility.

“To achieve a robust security posture, agencies must have pervasive visibility into their entire IT infrastructure and all the data that traverses it,” Reilly noted.

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