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Report: Microsoft Advances Foreign Cloud Government Contracts

Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) is signing cloud contracts with foreign governments as part of efforts to expand its cloud infrastructure business and a source said the company plans to announce the new strategy later this year, CNBC reported Friday.

A person familiar with the matter said the software company has seen foreign interest in its cloud offering after it won the Department of Defense’s Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure cloud computing contract in October 2019.

When asked about those overseas cloud contracts, Microsoft did not directly address the matter but referred to its partnerships with governments worldwide.

“We’ve worked with governments around the world on a longstanding and reliable basis for four decades,” a spokesperson told the publication in an email. “We have government customers using our products to enhance their services with the latest in commercial innovations, deeply engage and connect with citizens in powerful ways, and empower government employees with the modern tools they need to be more efficient and effective, and to give them time back to focus on their agency mission.”

DoD had planned to issue an award decision on the JEDI cloud contract on Aug. 17 but asked for a 30-day extension earlier this month to review certain aspects of the pricing proposals of Microsoft and Amazon Web Services for the contract.

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