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Jim Brinker, Intel Federal Head, Receives First Wash100 Award From Executive Mosaic CEO Jim Garrettson

Jim Garrettson, founder and CEO of Executive Mosaic, presented Jim Brinker, president and general manager of Intel’s federal business unit, with his first Wash100 Award on Friday.

Executive Mosaic recognizes Brinker for expanding the company’s information technology, cyber and artificial intelligence technology through notable partnerships, which also grew Intel Federal’s revenue and presence in the government contracting (GovCon) sector.

Most notably, Brinker explained in Feb. 2020 that edge-level data processing will help drive artificial intelligence implementation for the development of smart cities.

He noted that shifting away from traditional data center operations to real-time processing at the network edge enables AI models to make instant inferences to support critical emerging technologies like 5G communications.

According to Brinker, 5G will catalyze the development of smart cities and “optimize virtually every aspect of their operations” with the help of AI and predictive analytics.

He cited use cases such as traffic management to accelerate energy efficiency, improvement of disaster response, training of self-driving cars and AI-based analysis of drone-obtained data.

“As the U.S. confirms its commitment to AI development, the technology will undoubtedly become an even bigger part of the fabric of our everyday lives, although we may never realize it,” Brinker said. “Ultimately, our traffic will flow a little smoother, cities will be a little safer and emergency response a bit quicker.”

Executive Mosaic congratulates Intel and Jim Brinker for his 2020 Wash100 Award. Brinker’s continued dedication to emerging technologies, developing new partnerships and expanding the company’s revenue proves that he is a notable figure in the GovCon sector.

About Wash100

The Wash100 Award, now in its sixth year, recognizes the most influential executives in the GovCon industry, as selected by the Executive Mosaic organization in combination with online nominations from the GovCon community. Representing the best of the private and public sector, the winners demonstrate superior leadership, innovation, reliability, achievement and vision.

Visit the Wash100 website to learn about the other 99 winners of the 2019 Wash100 Award.

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