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David York SVP Genesys

Genesys’ David York: AI, Cloud Could Help Agencies Transform Customer Experience

David York, senior vice president of the U.S. public sector at Genesys, said implementing cloud platforms and artificial intelligence could help government agencies improve the customer experience even in a crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic.

York wrote how cloud-based platforms could help agencies immediately set up an omnichannel call center to facilitate interaction with citizens and address issues during the pandemic.

He discussed how AI and automation could assist agencies in managing repeatable tasks, reducing the volume of inbound calls and enabling their workforce to focus on more complex tasks.

“Agencies can use AI tools to listen in on conversations and push content to agency representatives in real time. … In addition, agencies can create personalized, optimized interactions by providing context across communication channels,” York wrote.

York cited how agencies could leverage machine learning technologies in handling calls from citizens.

“A machine learning engine is, by definition, always learning. It adapts to challenges because it’s seeing the new pattern of calls and how they get resolved, and it’s responding accordingly,” he added.

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