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Logen Thiran President and CEO ARA

ARA Finalizes Acquisition of SATCOM Technologies; Logen Thiran Quoted

Antenna Research Associates (ARA) has finalized its acquisition of SATCOM Technologies from AQYR Technologies, ARA announced Wednesday.

“With the addition of AQYR Technologies, our antenna systems portfolio in Satcom market is now expanded to include satcom terminals where AQYR brings unique capability with a single button push and auto acquisition of signal in an optimal ground terminal package for the customers,” said Logen Thiran, president and CEO of ARA.

Thiran stated that the transaction will help further build up its Satcom products offering in support of government, military, and commercial customers worldwide. After the acquisition, SATCOM Technologies will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of ARA and continue to operate as AQYR Technologies, an ARA company. AQYR Technologies will continue to operate from its site in Nashua, NH.

The acquired company will collaborate with ARA across various sites in the United States and Europe. AQYR’s goal is to provide  innovative, tactical systems and services, focused on using requirements-driven design, as dictated by the customer/end-user.

Initially operating as a division of Windmill, AQYR began production of a unique SATCOM receive suite for warfighters needing reliable, portable connection to the Global Broadcast System (GBS).

“ARA is excited to launch our new logo for the company while building on its 57 years of strong history as a renowned antenna company, we are on our way to become a Communications Solutions company for our customers worldwide,” Thiran concluded.

About Antenna Research Associates

ARA, founded in 1963, supplies antenna solutions to the Electronic Warfare, Law Enforcement, Military Communications, Satellite Communications and Radar Markets. AQYR Technologies, founded in 2013, provides tactical, auto acquire SATCOM terminals for the commercial and military markets.

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