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Andy Jassy, AWS CEO, Discusses Cloud Services in Business, Energy, COVID-19

Amazon Web Services (AWS) CEO Andy Jassy recently discussed how cloud-based services have expanded the at-home economy in the COVID-19 era, the rapid growth of cloud and the innovation stemming from cloud services, the company reported Tuesday

“In the first half dozen years or so of AWS you mostly saw startups using the platform. What's happened over the last seven or eight years is that the enterprise and the public sector have started to adopt AWS and the cloud in a very pervasive way,” Jassy stated. 

Jassy discussed how cloud services have been integrated into nearly every business segment. He focused on the energy sector and government agencies that have used AWS to support cloud initiatives.  Jassy added that the cloud has enabled innovation in the energy industry.

“One of the biggest benefits of the cloud [is] the ability to move quickly and to innovate on behalf of your customers quickly. When you have data, as most enterprises do, that live all over the place in all these different silos, it's incredibly difficult to actually do much with that data or to do analytics on that data.”

AWS has enabled energy and fuel companies to host their services on one platform where they can run a variety of analytics and simulations. The company has worked to democratize data sets to enable other companies to investigate information. 

“You can look at Woodside which has gas plants all over the world. They were trying to innovate on the traditional way that you ran these [plants] and you did maintenance and you operated them. So, they went about using machine learning and AI to build an intelligent asset that tried to fuse together all of this historical data,” Jassy said as an example. 

Jassy also noted how business models have shifted as cloud computing and services are continually integrated into companies. He stated that the services will enable companies to gain infrastructure and improve capital by saving time and lowering costs. 

“In the cloud you don't have to guess. You provision what you need. If it turns out you need more, you seamlessly scale up and if it turns out you hit a peak, you give it back to us and stop paying for it… people have adopted the cloud and the way it's most changed a lot of businesses is just the agility and speed with which you can innovate and change your own customer experience,” Jassy explained.

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