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Palantir to Provide Integrated Data Environment for NOBLE System Under Navy Contract

Jeff Brody

Palantir Technologies has received a contract from the U.S. Navy to support the service’s Naval Operational Business Logistics Enterprise family of systems.

The company said Thursday it will deliver an open architecture for data management, integration, ingestion and analytics in support of the service’s operational maintenance and supply communities by providing an integrated data environment for the NOBLE system using its commercial software.

The delivery of a modern IDE will allow Palantir to help the Navy modernize its legacy platforms, including the Naval Tactical Command Support System. NTCSS accommodates a set of administration, maintenance and supply capabilities to sustain the naval forces’ operational readiness.

The company said the IDE will continue to be interoperable with other software programs of record comprising the NOBLE infrastructure, including the Naval Operational Supply System, Naval Aviation Maintenance System and Naval Operational Maintenance Environment.

The award came after Palantir took part in a competitive six-month prototyping phase launched through the service’s use of other transaction authority to accelerate the acquisition process. The company demonstrated its capabilities to a group of Navy personnel each month using use cases and real data.

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