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Amazon Wants Court to Require DoD to Review JEDI Contract Bids

Jeff Brody

Amazon (Nasdaq: AMZN) has asked the court to deny the Department of Defense’s request to reassess its decision to award the potential 10-year, $10B Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure cloud computing contract to Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT), GeekWire reported Tuesday.

Amazon requests the court to direct DoD to review the proposals with respect to all of the concerns it has raised in its protest, according to the company’s motion opposing the Pentagon review unsealed Tuesday.

“We’re pleased to see the DoD recognize the need to take corrective action, but we’re concerned that the proposed approach is not designed to provide a complete, fair, and effective re-evaluation,” a spokesperson for Amazon Web Services said in a statement. “This attempt to gerrymander the corrective action without fixing all of the serious flaws pointed out in our complaint raises significant questions.”

The Pentagon filed earlier this month a motion for voluntary remand asking the court for 120 days to review the contract decision and reconsider its assessment of the bidders’ “online marketplace offerings.”

Lt. Col. Robert Carver, public affairs officer at DoD, told Breaking Defense in an emailed statement Monday that the department does not intend to split the JEDI contract “as the requirement remains for a single award and the solicitation calls for a single award.”

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