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Teresa Carlson, AWS Worldwide Public Sector VP, Named to 2020 Wash100 for Cloud Innovation, Business Expansion and New Educational Platforms

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Teresa Carlson

Executive Mosaic is honored to present Teresa Carlson, vice president of the worldwide public sector business at Amazon Web Services, as an inductee into the 2020 edition of the Wash100 Award for driving cloud innovation, expanding AWS' influence and advocating for cloud computing education within Virginia schools. 

This marks Carlson’s sixth consecutive Wash100 Award. She secured her 2019 Wash100 Award for modernizing cloud-based platforms and applications to inspire innovation in government markets. Carlson’s major initiative in 2018 was integrating on-demand security evaluation service designed to improve the security of the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud platform. 

Carlson has continued to push for improvement on cloud data. She has utilized AWS technology services to enhance government and industry platforms. Most notably, Carlson helped renew a potential $130.2 million contract to provide public cloud hosting services to the U.K.'s Home Office in Jan. 2020

AWS began work under the extended contract on Dec. 12, 2019, and will continue to provide cloud technology under Carlson’s lead throughout 2023. AWS has secured $59.1 million of the total Home Office’s spending on cloud services. 

Not only has Carlson expanded the company through major contract awards, but she also orchestrated the partnership between AWS and Tyler Technologies in Oct. 2019, enabling the company to develop more extensive cloud services.

Carlson has helped lead the strategic collaboration agreement, and provided expansive cloud technologies and training services to the company. The partnership will continue to broaden the presence of AWS’ next-generation cloud services and Carlson’s team intends to assist government clients design, manage and deliver their programs through AWS’ services. Work will take place at Tyler-operated data centers throughout 2020.

“AWS’s strategic collaboration with Tyler extends our relationship and encourages greater engagement for the benefit of public sector customers,” said Carlson.

While Carlson has supervised the new partners within the industry, she has also broken ground within the government contracting sector. In June 2019, she announced that AWS will continue to work with the Department of Defense (DoD) and the intelligence community to integrate cloud technology into the federal government and strengthen the department’s  information processing systems, security and defense capabilities. 

“AWS, along with our partner community, stands ready to support and serve the most important DoD and intelligence communities’ mission of protecting and serving our country,” Carlson noted.

Elsewhere, Carlson has continued to create new educational platforms to combat the shortage of a specialized cloud workforce and continue to grow cloud integration for federal agencies and industry. 

In Sept. 2019, Carlson led the partnership between AWS and the Virginia community to implement its cloud computing curriculum to select universities within the state. 

“This is about quickly getting into the environment and creating economic development, for your family, your community, the state and for the United States,” said Carlson.

With the addition, AWS has crafted a curriculum to grow cloud computing jobs in Virginia through the AWS Educate program. AWS’ educational program is comprised of grant initiatives for K-12 computer science programs and online cloud computing course at George Mason University. 

Carlson created another educational program in June 2019. The program has enabled students to access the AWS Educate technology training and employment resources program that supports around 1,500 academic entities. Carlson said that the educational effort ensures that institutions are teaching relevant skills that would cut time alloted for retraining.

“The new program will build on NOVA's associate degree curriculum that covers 63 credits of cloud services and other required AWS “skills and competency-based credentials,” Carlson noted. 

Executive Mosaic congratulates AWS and Teresa Carlson for her 2020 Wash100 Award. Carlson’s expansive cloud integration, valuable contracts, education platforms and partnerships proves that she is a notable figure in the GovCon industry and a leader in the ever-expanding tech industry.

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