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Seth Moore, CEO of T-Rex Solutions, Receives First Wash100 Award From Jim Garrettson, CEO of Executive Mosaic

Jeff Brody

Jim Garrettson, founder and CEO of Executive Mosaic, presented Seth Moore, CEO of T-Rex Solutions, his first Wash100 Award as a part of the 2020 selection on Wednesday. 

Executive Mosaic recognizes Moore for his dramatic improvement in company sustainment and expansion in addition to the progress he has made in T-Rex Solutions’ cloud technology and integration. 

Moore has demonstrated his expertise and led the company through a tremendous growth period where T-Rex Solutions saw an increase of 550 percent in revenue. Since his appointment in 2019, Moore has continued to expand T-Rex Solutions IT consulting, advance new company initiatives and manage company sustainment.

In addition to improving T-Rex Solutions’ management and verifications since his appointment, Moore has also developed new IT and cloud-based initiatives. In a July 2019 interview, Moore cited how T-Rex Solutions will continue to help clients continue to meet requirements in the cloud computing marketplace.

“Up to 80 percent of IT funding is devoted to operations and maintenance activities. Agencies have to determine how to fund IT modernization while they still maintain their legacy infrastructure,” Moore said.

In December, Moore led T-Rex Solutions to secure the position of #1 Cloud Service Provider in the federal civilian space. The award was based on federal IT priorities and captured the unprecedented investments that federal agencies are making in cloud services using public, private and hybrid deployment models.

Moving into the new year, the company said, “We look forward to sharing these experiences and lessons learned with other federal agencies who wish to migrate and secure their mission applications in the Cloud. Our solutions are tailorable, and we are ready to partner.”

Executive Mosaic applauds T-Rex Solutions and Seth Moore on his 2020 Wash100 Award. Moore’s dedication to growing the company and making T-Rex a strong and influential industry leader through new cloud-based initiatives and certifications proves that he is a notable figure in the GovCon industry.

About Wash100 

The Wash100 Award, now in its seventh year, recognizes the most influential executives in the GovCon industry as selected by the Executive Mosaic team in tandem with online nominations from the GovCon community. Representing the best of the private and public sector, the winners demonstrate superior leadership, innovation, reliability, achievement and vision. 

Visit the Wash100 site to learn about the other 99 winners of the 2020 Wash100 Award. On the site, you can submit your 10 votes for the GovCon executives of consequence that you believe will have the most significant impact in 2020.

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