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GSA Releases Draft Solicitation for ASTRO Manned, Unmanned Vehicle Development Contract

Jeff Brody

The General Services Administration issued a draft request for proposals for a potential 10-year, multiple-award contract to research, build and sustain manned and unmanned aircraft, ground, space and maritime vehicles, weapons systems and robotics for the Department of Defense, Bloomberg Government reported Friday.

The proposed ASTRO master contract is based on the One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services contract and will support off- and on-ramps, multiple pools of services and a range of cost-reimbursement, fixed-price, incentive, time-and-materials and labor-hour contracts.

GSA’s Federal Systems Integration Management Center will give the offerors an option to pick the pools they intend to compete for and plans to select up to 45 contractors per pool.

The pools are data operations, mission operations, aviation, space, maritime, ground, development/systems integration, research and development, support services and training.

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