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Air Force Issues Draft Solicitation for 3D Radar Tech Program

Jeff Brody

The U.S. Air Force has released a draft solicitation for production-ready systems designed to meet its requirement for a three-dimensional expeditionary long-range radar platform.

A notice posted Friday says the service branch will implement a middle-tier acquisition approach and plans to award up to three other transaction agreements to rapidly develop, test and demonstrate 3DELRR prototypes that can replace its AN/TPS-75 radar system under the SpeedDealer solicitation.

The move came a month after the Air Force decided to change its acquisition strategy for the 3DELRR program.

The Air Force may award a follow-on procurement contract to produce up to 35 3DLERR systems upon the completion of a prototype project. The service will then pick one vendor that reflects the best value to the government.

The selected contractors for the rapid prototyping phase should submit technical data products, radar data samples and certification packages, conduct technical review of their radar systems and demonstrate their platforms, according to the draft statement of work.

Comments on the draft solicitation are due Feb. 25.

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