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Former Symantec Exec Nico Popp Joins Forcepoint as Chief Product Officer

Jeff Brody

Nico Popp, former senior vice president for cloud and information protection at Symantec, has been named chief product officer of Forcepoint.

The 15-year cloud technology veteran will oversee the implementation of its behavioral-based security-as-a-service offering for government and enterprise customers, Forcepoint said Tuesday.

He will also lead efforts to develop and innovate products through the X-Labs organization.

Forcepoint CEO Matthew Moynahan said Popp brings product development experience as the company aims to further help industry and government agencies adopt cloud security platforms to protect networks, data and users.

Popp led a team of security product and engineering professionals and brought cloud-based platforms to the marketplace during his career with Symantec.

Previously, he managed VeriSign's identity protection services and open authentication initiative as a senior executive there.

He also worked at RealNames as technical founder and chief technology officer, as well as the co-invented NeXT Software’s web application framework WebObjects. Popp holds more than 30 patents.

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