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BAE to Update F-35 Electronic Warfare System

Jeff Brody

Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) has awarded BAE Systems a contract to integrate Block 4 modifications into the F-35 aircraft’s electronic warfare and countermeasures systems.

BAE said Wednesday that it will perform AN/ASQ-239 EW/CM modernization work and install 11 updates for defensive and offensive functions into the EW system as part of the F-35 Block 4 program.

Deborah Norton, vice president of F-35 solutions at BAE, said the modular architecture of the company’s EW offerings will facilitate the installation of new features and help address product sustainability matters.

Work under the contract will support the program’s Continuous Capability Development and Delivery contracting methodology that involves constant development and deployment every six to 12 months. BAE serves as the F-35 program’s EW supplier and has delivered over 500 AN/ASQ-239 systems to date.

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