UK to Unveil $1.3B Maintenance, Support Framework for British Navy Warship Fleet

Michael Fallon, U.K. defense minister, will introduce a potential $1.33 billion framework to provide support services and maintain the British navy’s fleet of aircraft carriers, amphibious ships, frigates and other warships.

The U.K. government’s Common Support Model aims to consolidate support contracts into a single structure to speed up maintenance and services for the country’s fleet of combat ships as well as sustain at least 1,000 jobs, the British government said in a news release published Tuesday.

CSM will cover spares and repairs, waterfront engineering, design management and technical services as well as ship systems such as navigation, sensors and meteorological instruments, power and propulsion, aircraft landing aids, protective tools and combat management systems, according to the model’s infographic.

Of the 16 agreements, the defense ministry has signed 10 contracts valued at approximately $1.05 billion under the new framework.

BAE Systems secured a potential $265.2 million contract to support tactical networks, shared systems and combat management platforms aboard 38 naval ships such as Type 45 destroyers and Type 23 frigates as part of the Joint Support Solution 2 program.

BAE and Babcock also received separate contracts worth approximately $199 million combined to continue support services for the British navy’s fleet of surface ships that include two Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers

Babcock also secured four contracts valued at approximately $424.3 million combined to provide technical services, spares and repair support for aircraft carriers and Type 45 destroyers as part of the Marine Systems Support Partner program.

Thales received a potential $132.6 million contract to provide communications systems support for destroyer ships and aircraft carriers.

The U.K. government awarded a $16 million contract to AGI for visual landing aids aboard combat ships and another $16 million contract to Babcock for protective systems for submarines, aircraft carriers and other surface ships.

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