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USAF Posts ‘Sources Sought’ Notice for Hyper-Sonic Air-Launched Strike Weapon

The U.S. Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC) issued a Sources Sought notice on Thursday for a rapidly fielded and developed hyper-sonic, conventional air-launched strike weapon, Janes reported.

Capabilities statements are being sought from potential sources “that are capable of accomplishing systems integration of all the elements of a hyper-sonic, conventional air-launched strike weapon from existing fighter/bomber aircraft and all respective operations/mission planning and sustainment efforts, to include operational safety, suitability, and effectiveness,” states the notice.

From the notice:

“Qualified vendors must be skilled in design, qualification, and component/subsystem testing of the critical elements of the hypersonic missile in representative operational conditions. Qualified vendors must be capable in the following fields: hypersonic aerodynamics, aero-thermal protection systems, solid rocket motors, warhead/missile integration, advanced hypersonic guidance, navigation and control, and aircraft integration.”

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