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MBDA Secures 3 UK Missile Contracts Worth $689M Total

The U.K.’s ministry of defense has awarded MBDA three contracts worth $689 million combined to produce and maintain various missile systems for the British armed forces.

MBDA will supply Meteor and Common Anti-air Modular Missile weapons as well as maintain Sea Viper missiles in support of various ships and aircraft, the ministry said Friday.

The company secured a $52.4 million contract to provide Meteor air-to-air missiles for use on the U.K.’s F-35B Lightning II and Eurofighter Typhoon fighter aircraft as well as Queen Elizabeth-class carriers.

Meteor is scheduled to enter service on Typhoon by 2018 and on F-35B beginning in 2024.

MBDA also received a $223.7 million contract to maintain, repair and overhaul anti-air Sea Viper weapon systems that work to protect the British navy’s Type 45 destroyers against threats such as missiles and fighter aircraft.

The missile systems provider will also supply CAMM air defense missiles to arm the U.K. navy’s Type 26 frigates and replace the British army’s Rapier system under a $413 million contract.

CAMM will also be integrated with the Sea Ceptor weapon system of the British navy’s Type 23 frigates.

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