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MarkLogic’s Idriss Mekrez: Agencies Should Field An Enterprise NoSQL Database to Facilitate Big Data Workload Mgmt

Idriss Mekrez
Idriss Mekrez

Idriss Mekrez, chief technology officer for the public sector at MarkLogic,  has said government agencies should implement an enterprise-grade NoSQL database to help collect and analyze large volumes of data from various sources as they work to adopt cloud platforms.

Mekrez wrote that agencies should consider the deployment of a NoSQL database for “mission critical workloads – when security and data integrity is paramount” in an effort to generate insights and facilitate the decision-making process.

An enterprise NoSQL database is designed to help agencies track malicious activity in various types of information that include the social media, location data, cyber alerts, internet footprints and incident reports, he said.

“With a NoSQL database supporting this process, analysts can quickly find hidden relationships and patterns within the data that can help the mission succeed, ” Mekrez added.

Mekrez also called on agencies to field an enterprise NoSQL database that works to store and handle mission-critical data in compliance with government regulations.

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