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Balan Ayyar Joins Sevatec as Chief Operating Officer; Sonny Kakar Comments

Balan Ayyar
Balan Ayyar

Balan Ayyar, a retired brigadier general from the U.S. Air Force, has joined Sevatec as chief operating officer at the Fairfax, Virginia-based technology contractor.

He aims to help the company maintain its operational capability and succeeds Burke Cox, who recently was promoted to president, Sevatec said Wednesday.

“Balan’s focus on high-quality service delivery, passion for corporate development, and commitment to a sustaining and pervasive company culture are vital to Sevatec’s success as we deliver high-technology services to our federal government customers, ” CEO Sonny Kakar said.

Ayyar is a more than two-decade veteran in the areas of nuclear weapons, intelligence, national security and supply chain management.

He has led the Air Force’s sales, advertising and marketing arm and oversaw a multiservice interagency effort aimed at establishing rule of law as well as protecting U.S. and coalition troops in Afghanistan.

The Air Force Academy graduate also serves as a White House Fellow and on the Council on Foreign Relations.

He finished the senior fellow program at Harvard University and earned master’s degrees from Auburn University and the National Defense University.

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