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Chris Hughes: BAE Wins $34M for the Navy’s Guided Projectile Project

Bae systems logo_ExecutiveBizBAE Systems will work to develop and demonstrate a modular hypervelocity projectile under a $33.6 million contract awarded by the Office of Naval Research.

The guided weapon will be designed to work with the Navy’s 127-inch and 155-mm gun systems and an electromagnetic railgun, BAE said Thursday.

Chris Hughes, vice president and general manager of weapon systems at BAE, said the company will apply its technologies and experience for the program.

The goal of the project’s first phase is to design and develop a low-drag HVP that can be mounted on a variety of gun systems depending on the mission.

BAE has teamed up with United Technologies and Custom Analytical Engineering Systems to work on the contract in Minneapolis, Minn.; Vergennes, Vt.; and Flintstone, Md., until June 2014.

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