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Unisys Survey: One-Third of Govt IT Pros Have Current State, Local Cloud Projects

UnisysA Unisys Corp. (NYSE: UIS) survey says 32 percent of government information technology leaders at the state and local levels have cloud computing projects underway.

Another 14 percent of respondents said their state or municipality is planning to migrate to a cloud-based infrastructure, Unisys said Tuesday.

Commissioned by the Center for Digital Government, the survey polled 109 state and local IT professionals from 18 U.S. states between July and August 2013.

“This survey illustrates that U.S. state and local government IT professionals are beginning to see the benefits of moving to the cloud” said Crystal Cooper, Unisys vice president of public sector solutions.

Unisys says technology capital and maintenance cost savings are cited by almost 25 percent of respondents as the top reason for their juridisctions choosing to adopt cloud.

Security, system integration and regulatory compliance issues remain the primary concerns for governments, the survey says.

Seventy percent said they want to use the cloud to manage web applications, 60 percent intend to deploy the technology for data storage purposes and 40 percent are working to move their email systems to a cloud platform.

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