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MITRE, AF Assist Afghanistan in Air Traffic Control Upgrade

Mitre logoMITRE and the U.S. Air Force are collaborating to update Afghanistan’s air traffic control system and help the landlocked nation implement reduced vertical separation minimum standards.

The upgrades are expected to generate fuel savings, increase flight times and reduce workloads for air traffic controllers, according to a MITRE statement.

“RVSM condenses the vertical area between aircraft flying on the same routes at different altitudes, ” said Gregory Chesterton, an aviation systems engineer at MITRE.

Susan Labonte, a MITRE multidiscipline systems engineer, said the company has previously worked with U.S. Air Forces Central and the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center to address challenges in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The project team is comprised of technical experts from research and development hubs operated by MITRE for the Defense Department and the Federal Aviation Administration.

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