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Lockheed Wins Potential $2B Award for U.S. Antarctic Program

Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) has won a multi-year contract worth up to approximately $2 billion from the National Science Foundation, the company announced Wednesday.

Under the contract, Lockheed will operate and maintain support infrastructure, such as work stations, medical facilities and research vessels for the United States Antarctic Program. The program enables various institutions and federal agencies to conduct scientific research in the region.

In addition, Lockheed will also revamp the way in which the program transports staff, supplies and scientists around the Antarctic region.

NSF and USAP established a research program in Antarctica in 1956. The program aims to develop a better understanding of the region and its ecosystem while exploring its responses and effects to climate change.

“NSF looks forward to working with Lockheed Martin over the coming years, addressing together the challenges of supporting research as the scientific frontiers in Antarctica advance and technology evolves to support it, ” said Karl Erb, director of NSF’s Office of Polar Programs.

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