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BAE Systems Signs F-35 Mission-Planning Software Deal; Cyber Lead John Lewington Remarks

BAE Systems picked up a contract to continue providing the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter’s secure operating system that runs the aircraft’s mission-planning software.

The contract carries a value of $3.8 million.

According to the firm, “the company’s operating system collects data at different security levels and is used by the aircraft’s software to develop the mission plan, which includes intelligence, weather, communications and navigation. That information is then loaded on to the jet for mission execution. When it is complete and the plane has returned, the operating system parses the data according to its security classification. The process, known as a cross domain transfer, occurs within seconds.”

“The most-advanced aircraft in the world demands the most sophisticated technology in the world, ” said John Lewington, director of cybersecurity solutions for BAE Systems. “This demonstrates our expertise in providing innovative cyber solutions that meet our customers’ unique information-sharing needs.”

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