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Lockheed Releases Modification to IronClad USB

Lockheed Martin’s [NYSE: LMT] IronClad USB drives have received a boost from a new enhancement “whitelisting” application from technology firm CoreTrace.

According to the firm, “the application protects not only the files and data on each IronClad ‘PC on a Stick, ‘ it also keeps government and corporate networks protected from a large array of security threats. The whitelisting application, dubbed ‘BOUNCER, ‘ blocks any and all unwanted programs from executing. Users or IT managers create a list of approved, verified programs, and BOUNCER ensures that only those programs are allowed to operate on the drive.”

“Government agencies and corporations using IronClad need to balance security with flexibility, ” said Rohan Amin, Lockheed Martin’s IronClad program manager. “Simply locking down a drive might make it secure, but it won’t give users the freedom to be productive at home or on the road. With our whitelisting application, IT managers can give employees the tools they need to get work done without worrying about what might be lurking in the background.”

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