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ICx Introduces New Liquid Explosive Detector

ICx Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq GM: ICXT) has announced a new addition to their line of Fido explosives detectors.  Created to address the challenges of screening bottled liquids in the demanding setting of airport security checkpoints, Fido ClearPoint is designed to rapidly and accurately identify suspicious liquids through their containers.

The product makes it easy for containers of various sizes and shapes to be efficiently sampled without having to open them. The technology has been optimized to reduce false alarm rates and provide prompt, accurate identification of any suspicious liquids that prove threatening to passenger safety.

“The TSA already has 200 of our Fido PaxPoint handheld liquid screeners deployed at 30 of the largest airports in the U.S., ” said Colin Cumming, CEO of ICx Technologies. “We developed ClearPoint to augment the capabilities of PaxPoint and other security technologies, and to fit seamlessly into current processes at airport security lanes.”

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