Contract Award- RADA – $2.6 Million – Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin has awarded RADA Electronics Industries a $2.6 million contract to provide ground debriefing systems for the  F-16. The contract will specifically provide the Ground Debriefing Systems for digital recordings within the F-16 Foreign Military Sales program.

The GDS is used by military forces to conduct ground debriefings of digital recordings made during a flight. The recordings are made by another RADA product selected by Lockheed Martin 3 years ago.

Zvika Alon, CEO at RADA, said “Our relationships with Lockheed Martin have been continuously growing over the past few years. We aim to provide LM Aero with an extremely reliable and affordable family of products, including video and data recorders, airborne data servers and post-mission debriefing systems. We look forward to a prolonged and continuous collaboration.”

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