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EMC and VMware Join Together To Help Customers Virtualize

EMC Corp. and VMware have announced today that they are expanding their partnership with the goal of maximizing the customers experience using VMware vCenterTM Product Family and the EMC® Ionix TM portfolio. This new agreement will allow EMC to be a fully authorized reseller of VMware vCenter AppSpeed. The two firms aim is focused on helping customers enable tier-one application on VMware vSphereTM 5, streamline configuration and compliance management, and automate IT processes across the data center.

The two firms are collaborating to provide customers with products that will enable them to identify and migrate tier-one applications from physical to virtual, utilizing VMware Capacity Planner, EMC® IonixTM Application Discovery manager, and VMware vCenter AppSpeed in order to assist users with the decision of which applications it is most beneficial to virtualize.

VMware vCenter AppSpped will further allow monitoring of these applications by performing service-level reporting and proactive performance management for multi-tier applications running on virtual machines.

Shekar Ayyar, Vice President, Infrastructure Alliances, VMware said, “As customers virtualize their mission-critical applications with VMware vSphereTM 4, VMware vCenterTM AppSpeed provides assurance via clear visibility into the performance of applications and by enabling troubleshooting and root cause analysis…The IonixTM suite from EMC complements VMware management solutions creating a winning combination – giving customers the data center efficiency, increased service-level control and greater flexibility they’ve been asking for.”

Jay Mastaj, Vice President and General Manager, EMC Ionix added, “In VMware vCenterTM AppSpeed, VMware has taken a major step forward helping customers conduct service-level reporting and proactive performance management for multi-tier applications running on virtual machines. IT administrators gain unprecedented visibility into application performance and how it helps accelerate their journey to the private cloud…With EMC® IonixTM, customers can efficiently and effectively manage the full virtual and physical data center ecosystem across networks, storage systems, servers and applications. Working together, EMC and VMware are empowering customers like never before to take advantage of virtualization to improve the way they manage their entire data center.”

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