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Verizon Renews $140M-Potential Social Security Administration Contract

Verizon has signed a contract set to expire in 2017 with the US Social Security  Administration worth up to $140 million if all options are exercised.  Verizon, the largest communications provider to the US government, will renew its partnership with the SSA by providing IP Addresses and data services through the SSA’s Enterprise-Wide Network Infrastructure (SSANet).

Verizon will also help the SSA transition to an advanced multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) network platform. MPLS will be used to connect the the SSA with outside business partners. A similar network infrastructure will be used for internal transactions at the SSA. Under the renewed contract Verizon will provide around-the-clock network service from two operation centers and has also sought the help of Verizon engineer personnel with updating SSANet.

SSANet is used for all aspects of work around the US and in 20 countries by Social Security employees ranging from registering disability claims to conference calls.

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