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Army Multiplies Laser Weapons Power to 100kW

Army lasers, which previously had between 5 to 10 kilowatt strength, will be amplified to 50 to 100 kW weapons that could char helicopters and even small, fixed-wing aircraft, reports Breaking Defense. A truck-fired 50 kW weapon, an upgrade of the 10 kW HEL-MTT, will be tested next-year, while an …

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Navy Secretary Nominee Spencer Downplays 355-Ship Fleet, Touts Unmanned Systems

Navy Secretary nominee Richard  Spencer downplayed President Donald Trump’s proposal of a 355-ship fleet, up from the current 276 number, while emphasizing that capability of weapons systems are paramount, Breaking Defense reported. The Chief of Naval Operations Admiral John Richardson has assessed that the Navy requires 355 ships, and he issued a …

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